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Leaving Abuse Behind Sarah Daniel

Leaving Abuse Behind

Sarah Daniel

Published November 14th 2007
ISBN : 9781598584790
56 pages
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 About the Book 

Leaving Abuse Behind is a concise guide and workbook for the adult who is healing from having been abused in childhood. Whether the abuse was sexual, verbal or physical in nature, if it was serious enough to produce severe trauma, this book can help. Designed to supplement psychotherapy and other healing modalities, the book sets out the steps needed for healing, and discusses the phenomena a formerly abused individual commonly encounters during the process of coming to terms with the past in order to go forward into a full and happier life. Used conscientiously, Leaving Abuse Behind is an invaluable tool for personal healing. Leaving Abuse Behind is the most powerfully effective book available to assist people moving beyond the scarring of abuse. It provides hope and direction in a clear and usable manner. Harvey R. Wasserman MD Director, The Healing Road Clinic, Galway, Ireland. B.Sc. Queens College, New York- MD, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse New York- Psychiatric Residency, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas. Formerly Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University. The stages of healing which Sarah Daniel describes are virtually identical with those which I have found in dealing with many cases of sexual abuse and childhood trauma. Ivor Browne FRCPI, FRCPsych, MSc(Harv), DPM Professor Emeritus, University College, Dublin. Formerly Chief Psychiatrist of the Eastern Health Board, Ireland. Sarah Daniel, BA, DIHom, FBIH, FIFHI, is an American writer living in the west of Ireland. She serves as Administrative Co-Director of The Healing Road Clinic in Galway, where she is homeopathic consultant to psychotherapeutic clients and to psychotherapists who are using remedies in their own work.