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Paths of Enterprise James Curran

Paths of Enterprise

James Curran

Published May 2nd 1991
ISBN : 9780203976951
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 About the Book 

After the dramatic growth of small-scale enterprise in the 1980s, can the current decade support and sustain the small business? Factors such as demographic trends and technological developments threaten the economic progress of the small firm. This collection provides important insight into the rapid expansion that has taken place and pinpoints the key issues for the future.Some areas, such as banking cultures, are slowly adapting to an increase in small businesses. Others, such as the fluctuating employment level, will erode the stability of such activities. This study shows that policies must be developed to ensure that small firms receive the support they need to succeed in an environment where the risks are getting higher. The contributors all well-known scholars cover topics such as ethnic minorities, working at home, gender, franchise relationships, and environmental and cultural issues. Paths of Enterprise will offer insights to entrepeneurs, policy makers, enterprise agencies, and anyone who needs to assess the climate ahead for enterprise.