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Total Health and Fitness Revolution Joseph Cheung

Total Health and Fitness Revolution

Joseph Cheung

Published February 29th 2012
ISBN : 9780980813517
254 pages
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 About the Book 

Total Health and Fitness Revolution, presents the latest scientific findings on how to age healthily and attain a long life. This book should be read by people of all ages as the earlier one develops good practices the healthier one will be and the longer one will live. Any parent concerned with their childs welfare should also be keen to discover the information herein which will help them to put their child onto the path of optimum health. Dr Joseph Cheung covers the benefits of exercise, diet, vitamin supplements and preventative medicine drawing on his decades of clinical practice and research. Dr Cheungs knowledge of Western medicine is complemented by a thorough understanding of Eastern medical practices and he explains in clear terms the benefits of acupuncture, meditation and Tai Chi among others. Warm, personal and clear, Dr Cheungs book is an invaluable reference work for anyone interested in a healthy and long life. About the author: Dr Joseph Cheung studied Medicine in Australia and Canada and has worked as a GP since graduating in the 1960s. He remains active and hardworking to this day, a testimony to the principles he espouses. In 1998 he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia, for his services to medicine and the community.